About us

With over a decade’s experience in the mobile phone business, you can rest assured that we at DarkSky Phones will be able to provide you with all the guidance you need, especially when it comes to bad credit mobile phone contracts.

We pride ourselves on the range of handsets we have on offer and together with our suppliers, we are constantly looking for new, affordable options that we can include in this range. We aim to grow it more and more and giving you a wider variety to choose from as well as a range of contract price options, suitable for everyone’s pocket!

Our staff are some of the best in the business, with excellent knowledge of not only handsets but contracts as well. They will go out of their way to match you with the right phone and the right contract. Ultimately, you should be able to pay back your monthly instalment easily and it should never put you under financial strain

There are many imposters out there that just want your money and don’t care if you will struggle financially after taking out one of their expensive contracts. So before you sign with anyone else, come and speak to us and see what we can do for you.