Applying for a bad credit mobile phone contract? Make sure you avoid these common mistakes!

At DarkSky Phones we pride ourselves on our contract offerings, especially our bad credit mobile phone contracts. We believe that these products give a group of people who would not normally have access to a mobile phone on contract the opportunity to not only now own a smartphone, but to in fact improve their credit rating by paying their monthly contract fees diligently.

We are so happy that people with a bad credit rating are not held back from owning a smartphone, which has quickly become a necessary gadget no matter if you are a student, middle-aged or even retired.

That said, not everyone is like us and there are many unscrupulous suppliers of credit products such as a bad credit mobile phone contract that want to catch you out. And the thing is, they can get away with it. Especially if you are not vigilant. Once you have signed their contract, there is little you can do about it as it serves as a binding legal agreement.

No matter what company you enter into a bad credit mobile phone contract with – yes, even us – it is imperative that you take a number precautions and avoid making mistakes that so many others have made time and time again. In this article, we will take a look at a few common mistakes that you can easily make when signing for a bad credit mobile phone contract. Pay attention to them, keep note of them and you can rest assured that you can soon have a reliable bad credit mobile phone contract that doesn’t cause you any stress or sleepless nights!

Don’t rush into the first contract you see

As someone who has constantly been rejected for a regular mobile phone contract, we can understand that now that you have heard about bad credit mobile phones, you want a contract and the handset associated with it, as quickly as possible. Don’t rush into the first contract you come across, however.

Often, people are so mesmerized by the handset on offer and blown away that they can actually afford it, that within a few minutes you have signed on the bottom line only to find out that down the line, your contract has so many hidden costs, you simply cannot afford to pay it each and every month. Guess what? There goes your handset…

So patience and a little research are key here. In this regard, spending some time on Google is a great help. Not only can it help you narrow down the handset you might prefer but you can find a range of information about bad credit mobile phone contracts as well as providers of these contracts (such as our company). Also, make sure you research each and every provider thoroughly. When people have been done in by a company, they won’t keep quiet and sites like Resolver are an excellent place to find out more. Take an hour or so of your time and you will quickly find out if you should deal with a company or not. Remember to check a number of key areas as well including their customer service records and their reputation of course.

Get the best contract for you

Now once you have identified a company that is above board and who offer great products, it’s time to focus on getting the best contract for you. We all want the latest and greatest smartphone but sometimes that Samsung Galaxy S7 or that Apple iPhone 7 is going to be out of reach and you just need to accept that. That doesn’t mean that you won’t end up with a decent phone, however. Make sure you tie it in with a contract that won’t set you back too much every month. This way you can easily pay it off and help to improve your credit rating.

Do you want to know a little trade secret? We probably should not be telling you this but you don’t have to accept the contract price put in front of you. What do we mean by this? Well, all you need to do is negotiate a better price if you want to, and who wouldn’t? Now you won’t be able to knock off a massive amount of the monthly feed but every pound does help right. So make sure you talk to the consultant setting up the contract and ask them if they perhaps can’t do any better. Remember, you are welcome to try other companies that you have identified. It’s not often a company will let an eager customer walk out of the shop to go to a competitor without offering them a lower price first.

Pay attention to the contract

Now every mobile phone contract, bad credit mobile phone contracts notwithstanding, will have a multiple page contract that needs to be signed by you on acceptance of the monthly terms for your handset and the legal document associated with it. Most people are far too quick to just sign something like this without taking the time to read the big print, let alone all the terms and conditions one would find in the small print area.

Although it is painful, take the time to read the fine print. This is where unscrupulous dealers will hide all their additional fees, penalty fees and the like and when you sign it, you are legally bound. There simply is no way out. Even if you need two hours to read the fine print, make sure you do it. This is the best way to protect yourself in the long run. You certainly won’t be sorry that you did. If you are unsure about something, ask questions or better still, take it to a lawyer.

By just following these quick and simple tips, you can make sure that you get the best bad credit mobile phone contract for yourself that you can, without the worry of any additional costs, penalty fees or the like.